Fahmee Traders Registered as General Order Supplier in January 2017, Income Tax / Sales Tax Registered and Professional Taxpayer Firm under the Proprietorship of Retired (Civilian) Officer of Pakistan Navy.

We aim to provide services for smoothly function the client businesses and fulfill Operational / Promotional needs in terms of supply Maintenance & Repair on contract basis as General Order Suppliers.

Fahmee Traders provide the business support in:

  • Supply of Stationary, Printing of Office & Schools Material for office, organizations & school use.
  • Supply / Installation & Maintenance / Repair of Information Technology, Networking & Security Devices.
  • Supply office / organizational & School Furniture & Fixtures.
  • Supply / Installation & Maintenance of Electronics & Electrical Appliances.
  • Supply of Dry Ration, Vegetable Meat, Sea Foods, Oil & Ghee & Ingredients.
  • Fahmee Traders provide Maintenance / Repair / Overhauling of Auto Technologies.
  • To provide the facilities in renovation of offices, houses, apartments & boundaries and Installation of Barbed wire etc.
  • Fahmee Traders purchase all types bulk scrap of Computers, Electronics, Electrical & Furniture etc.

Fahmee Traders have experienced and qualified professional team accordingly.